A Gaskell Chronology

Linsey Row, Chelsea (Drawing by W. W. Burgess, 1820)

A Gaskell Chronology

September 29, Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson born at 93 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, the eighth child of William Stevenson and his wife, Elizabeth (nee Holland).
Her mother dies and Elizabeth is sent to her mother's sister, Aunt Lumb, at Knutsford.
At Avonbank School, kept by Miss Maria Byerley and her sisters, Stratford-upon-Avon.
Her brother, John Stevenson, disappears on a voyage to India.
Goes to London to help nurse her dying father. Most unhappy with her stepmother.
Visits Newcastle with Anne Turner, then travels to Edinburgh and Manchester, where she meets William Gaskell, assistant to John Robberds, Anne's brother-in-law, and minister of Cross Street Chapel.
August 30, returns to Knutsford and marries William Gaskell in the parish church according to the rites of the Church of England. Honeymoon spent in North Wales, then returns to 14 Dover Street, Manchester.
A daughter, stillborn.
September 12, Marianne born, referred to in letters as Ma.
January, "Sketches Among the Poor," No. 1, Blackwood's Magazine. Margaret Emily, known as Meta, born. Aunt Lumb dies on May 1.
Visits Heidelberg and the Rhineland.
October 7, Florence Elizabeth born. Family moves to larger house at 121 Upper Rumford Street.
October 23, William born.
October 10, William dies while the family is on holiday in Wales.
September 3, Julia Bradford born.
"Libbie Marsh's Three Eras," "The Sexton's Hero," and "Christmas Storms and Sunshine" published in Howitt's Journal, published by William Howitt, a fellow Unitarian.
Mary Barton published in two volumes by Chapman and Hall. Visits Southport and Plas Penthyn.
Moves to new house at Plymouth Grove. Visits Kay-Shuttleworths at Windermere. Offers to visit Charlotte Brontë. "The Moorland Cottage" published by Chapman and Hall. "The Heart of John Middleton" in Household Words. Meets Charlotte Brontë August 19.
Cranford in Household Words, "Mr. Harrison's Confessions" in the Ladies Companion. Visits London, Capesthorne, Knutsford, Broughton-in-Furness.
"The Old Nurse's Story" in Household Words. Visits Silverdale, Lake District, London.
Ruth published in three volumes by Chapman and Hall. Cranford published as single volume by Chapman and Hall. Visits London, Paris, North Wales. Invited to Haworth by Charlotte Brontë. "The Squire's Story" in Household Words.
Visit to France with Marianne. William Gaskell appointed senior minister of Cross Street Chapel. Serial publication of North and South in Household Words.
Visit to Mary and Julius Mohl in Paris with Meta. Requested to write Life of Charlotte Brontë by Patrick Brontë, Charlotte's father. North and South published in two volumes by Chapman and Hall. "Half a Life-time Ago" in Household Words. Lizzie Leigh and Other Stories published by Chapman and Hall.
The Lift of Charlotte Brontë published by Smith, Elder. Travels to Italy with Marianne and Meta. Visits Oxford, Seacale, Chatsworth, Broad Leas.
"The Doom of the Grifhths" in Harper's Magazine. "My Lady Ludlow" in Household Words. Spends autumn in Heidelberg, Florence, and Paris. "Right at Last" published in Household Words as "The Sin of a Father." "The Manchester Marriage" published in Household Words as "A House to Let."
Visits Worleston, Ashbourne, London, Canterbury. "The Crooked Branch" published in All the Year Round as "The Ghost in the Garden Room." Round the Sofa and Other Tales published by Sampson, Low. "Lois the Witch" in All the Year Round. Holiday in Whitby (Monkshaven).
Right at Last and Other Tales, Sampson, Low. Visits Haworth, Oxford, London, Winchester, Heidelberg.
"The Grey Woman" in All the Year Round. Travels to Normandy and Brittany with Meta. "Six Weeks at Heppenheim" in Cornhill Magazine.
Visits London, Paris, Eton, Eastbourne, and Oxford.
Florence marries Charles Crompton, a lawyer. "A Dark Night's Work" in All the Year Round. Visits Mary Mohl in Paris and then travels to Rome. "Cousin Phillis" in Cornhill Magazine. Sylvia's Lovers published in three volumes by Smith, Elder. Visits Florence and Venice.
Negotiates purchase of house for retirement. Wives and Daughters published serially in Cornhill Magazine.
Buys the Lawn at Holybourne, Alton. The Grey Woman and Other Tales published by Smith, Elder. Dies suddenly while talking with her daughters at Holybourne on November 12. Buried on November 16 at Brook Street Chapel in Knutsford.

This extract is taken from Coral Lansbury, Elizabeth Gaskell [Boston: Twayne Publishers,1984]

Lodge Gates, Tatton Park, Knutsford

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