A Cranford Walk Around Knutsford, Past and Present

(3A) Lady Cumnor's School, now Golf Club-House
(Past and Present)

The Golf Club-house was originally a girls' school built by Mrs. Egerton in 1815, to teach them, as in Wives and Daughters, to be "capital housemaids" . . . with ready curtseys and "please ma'ams". . . .

A writer on Cheshire c. 1817 (Itinerary of Cheshire by J. J. Hanshall) described the 'handsone gates" to Tatton Park which were "an ornament to the town. Near this is the spinning school founded and supported by the praiseworthy benevolence of Mrs Egerton of Tatton. Here 80 day scholars have the benefit of gratuitous instruction in reading, writing and arithmetic, six orphan girls are also instructed and maintained in a way calculated to make them good servants and situations are obtained for them by the humanity of the amiable patroness". This is clearly the origin of Lady Cumnor's charity school, and I am sure that Elizabeth's aunt, Mrs Lumb and her cousins Mary and Lucy Holland would be visitors.


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