Pictures Related to the Life and Works of Elizabeth Gaskell

Brook Street Chapel and Mrs. Gaskell's Grave

(Photos courtesy of Jasmine Tenshult, University of Manchester)

Brook Street Chapel

Brook Street Chapel, only minutes away from the town centre, is across the road from the Public Library and at the bottom of Adams Hill. It is the oldest place of worship still in use today and one of the three Unitarian Chapels in the area built for worship by the Dissenters after the passing of the Act of Toleration in 1689. In the early days lookouts were posted to watch for trouble makers. The cottage like exterior with its double staircase and stone mullioned windows conceals a simple but impressive interior. Mrs Gaskell worshipped here and the stone cross marks the family grave. The Chapel is used often for wedding ceremonies and is one of the prettiest churches in Knutsford, and is very a very distinctive building. (Annotated by Tim Banks.)

Mrs. Gaskell's Grave

Mrs. Gaskell was buried in the little sloping Unitarian graveyard, where her husband was laid by her side in 1884.

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