Gissing Portrait Gallery (Gissing)

George Gissing in 1895

The average man of education is fond of literature because the environment of his growth has made
such fondness a second nature. (Thyrza, VI)

George Gissing, May 1, 1897
Illustrated London News

George Gissing, July 12, 1897

In each life little for congratulation . . . but at least their lives would remain a protest against those brute forces of society
which fill with wreck the abysses of the nether world. (The Nether World, XL)

George Gissing, May 1901
From a photograph by Messrs. Elliott & Fry

'The art of living is the art of compromise. We have no right to foster sensibilities, and conduct ourselves
as if the world allowed of ideal relations; it leads to misery for others as well as ourselves. . . . What right have
we to make ourselves and others miserable for the sake of an obstinate idealism?e ourselves and others miserable
for the sake of an obstinate idealism?' (The New Club Street, XXXI)

Photograph by G. & J. Hall

Sketches of Gissing by Mrs. Clarence Rook (the wife of the author of the famous Hooligan Nights;
the couple were friends of Wells) on 8 June 1901, at Wellsfs home in Sandgate, where Gissing was staying
just before entering the Nayland Sanatorium.

George Gissing at the age of 44 (Elliott & Fry)

A man has no business to fail; least of all can he expect others to have time to look back upon him or pity him
if he sinks under the stress of conflict. Those behind will trample over his body; they can't help it;
they themselves are borne onwards by resistless pressure. (The New Club Street, II)

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