Gissing Portrait Gallery (Others)

Thomas Walter Gissing (George's father), 1869.

Margaret Bedford Gissing (George's mother), 1879.

Ellen Gissing (George's sister).

Margaret Gissing (George's sister).

Gabrielle Fleury, 1886.

Gabrielle Fleury Gissing,1904.
The dog, "Bijou", was greatly attached to Gissing.

William Gissing (George's brother), 1877.

Algernon Gissing (George's brother).

Eduard Bertz, German socialist writer who was Gissing's friend and correspondent for over twenty years.

Gissing, E. W. Hornung, Arthur Conan Doyle, and H. G. Wells in Rome in 1898

Morley Roberts, 1911.

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