George Gissing

The House of Cobwebs

(London: Constable, 1906)


  1. "The House of Cobwebs"
  2. "A Capitalist"
  3. "Christopherson"
  4. "Humplebee"
  5. "The Scrupulous Father"
  6. "A Poor Gentleman"
  7. "Miss Rodney's Leisure"
  8. "A Charming Family"
  9. "A Daughter of the Lodge"
  10. "The Riding-Whip"
  11. "Topham's Chance"
  12. "Fate and the Apothecary"
  13. "A Lodger in Maze Pond"
  14. "The Salt of the Earth"
  15. "The Pig and Whistle"

* These e-texts and their HTML documents are so devised that they can afford a proof of my own drawing up.

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