George Gissing

Human Odds and Ends

(London: Lawrence & Bullen, 1898)


  1. "Comrades in Arms"
  2. "The Justice and the Vagabond"
  3. "The Firebrand"
  4. "An Inspiration"
  5. "The Poet's Portmanteau"
  6. "The Day of Silence"
  7. "In Honour Bound"
  8. "The Prize Lodger"
  9. "Our Mr. Jupp"
  10. "The Medicine Man"
  11. "Raw Material"
  12. "Two Collectors"
  13. "An Old Maid's Triumph"
  14. "The Invincible Curate"
  15. "The Tout of Yarmouth Bridge"
  16. "A Well-Meaning Man"
  17. "A Song of Sixpence"
  18. "A Profitable Weakness"
  19. "The Beggar's Nurse"
  20. "Transplanted"
  21. "A Parent's Feelings"
  22. "Lord Dunfield"
  23. "The Little Woman from Lancashire"
  24. "In No-Man's Land"
  25. "At High Pressure"
  26. "A Conversion"
  27. "A Free Woman"
  28. "A Son of the Soil"
  29. "Out of the Fashion"

* These e-texts and their HTML documents are so devised that they can afford a proof of my own drawing up.

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