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  2. Art Resources on the Web (Chris Witcombe)
  3. Bibliographic Resources (Jay Clayton)
  4. British Painters in the 18th and 19th Centuries (Chronological Listing)
  5. British Periodicals at Minnesota: The Early Nineteenth Century (Michael Hancher, University of Minnesota) - holds a relatively strong collection of nineteenth-century periodicals.
  6. British Poetry 1780-1910 (Alderman Library, University of Virginia) - a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions.
  7. British Women Romantic Poets Project, 1789-1832 - An Electronic Collection of Texts from the Shields Library (University of California-Davis).
  8. CETH: Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities - established in 1991 by Rutgers and Princeton with initial support from the Mellon Foundation and NEH.
  9. Child Labour: 1750-1900
  10. Children's Literature: Chiefly from the Nineteenth Century (The Historical Children's Literature Collection at Thomas Cooper Library)
  11. Christian Classics Ethereal Library
  12. Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi (Art Sites)
  13. Circa Victoria - Refreshingly unique Victorian prints.
  14. Color Printing in the Nineteenth Century: The Electronic Exhibiton (University of Delaware Library) - A digital version of the exhibition.
  15. Costume Gallery Website, The [1800s Costume Reference Sites]
  16. Daguerreian Society, The
  17. Deanna's Victorian Treasures
  18. Digital Library of 18th and 19th Century Journals, A - Project by the Universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford.
  19. Duttie's Just Victorian
  20. Eighteen Nineties Society, The - contains information about the Eighteen Nineties Society, together with links to other sites and sources of information on the Internet.
  21. 1876 Victorian England Revisited
  22. Emancipation of Women: 1860-1920, The (Spartacus Educational)
  23. Encyclopaedia of British History: 1700-1930
  24. E-texts for VIctorianists
  25. Five Points Site, The - Archaeologists and historians rediscover a famous nineteenth-century New York neighborhood.
  26. Footlight Notes (John Culme)
  27. Founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement (Morris, Oscar Wilde, Walter Crane, W. R. Lethaby, and others)
  28. Gothic Literature Page (David House)
  29. Gothic Novel 1764-1830, The (Franz Potter)
  30. Victorian Turkish bath, The ( Malcolm Shifrin)
  31. Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (University of Notre Dame) - an international group of scholars dedicated to interdisciplinary discussion and research.
  32. Internet Library of Early Journals - offers expanded access over the Internet to digitised page images of substantial runs of 18th- and 19th-century journals, and to evaluate in terms of use and acceptability.
  33. Jack the Ripper
    • Jack the Ripper Tour - Dare you walk the shadows on this original Jack the Ripper tour of London?
    • Stephen P. Ryder - The complete casebook of the Ripper murders: including the facts, the evidence, the theories, and the debates.
    • Jack the Ripper Walk - It is 1888 and London is being subjected to a reign of terror almost beyond belief.
  34. Keats-Shelley Journal (Steven Jones, Loyola University Chicago) - published (in print form) annually by the Keats-Shelley Association of America.
  35. The Ladies' Treasury is a 'magazine' containing articles on the history, cut and construction of period costume from 1800 to 1920, especially the Victorian and Edwardian eras, 1840 to 1910, with patterns and sewing instructions.
  36. Language of Victorian Flowers
  37. Letters from a Victorian Governess/Companion - written 1883-1894, from India, Prussia, and Greece.
  38. Library Material (Michael Wolff)
  39. Literary Gothic, The - online resources concerned with literary Gothicism, a category which here includes ghost stories, "classic" Gothic fiction (1764-1820).
  40. literaryhistory - promoting the use of the internet for publishing literary criticism.
  41. Literary Resources--Victorian British - part of the Literary Resources collection maintained by Jack Lynch, UPENN.
  42. Literature of the Fantastic (James D. Macdonald) - a source of public domain fantasy, science fiction, and horror works.
  43. Literature of the Victorian Period (Roger Blackwell Bailey)
  44. Museum of Victorian Science, Glaisdale. - A virtual visit to Dr Frankensteins laboratory with Geissler Tubes, Bouquet Tubes, Railway Tubes, Jacob's Ladder, telegraph system, early x-ray tubes and many more crackling spark, electric flame laden demonstrations.
  45. Napoleonic War Series - This series combines onto one page, all material in The War Times Journal which relates to the Napoleonic Wars.
  46. Nineteenth Century, The [UK][USA] - a catalougue of over 20,000 books published in the nineteenth century and microfilmed as part of Chadwyck Healey Ltd and The British Library's The Nineteenth Century project onto the internet. => Search [UK][USA]
    • Search: Society and Culture [UK][USA]
    • Search: Nineteenth Century Women Writers [UK][USA]
  47. 19th Century British Authors (Chronological listing)
  48. Nineteenth Century Contexts - An Interdisciplinary Journal - affiliated with the international scholarly society Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS). - a new interdisciplinary journal?to be published twice yearly, beginning in the Fall of 1999?will be devoted to issues of gender, culture, and writing by and about women in the nineteenth century.
  49. 19th Century Gallery: The Walker is perhaps most famous for its collection of 19th century art. The gallery was founded in 1873 primarily to display and collect work of that period.
  50. Nineteenth-Century Group (University of Toronto)
  52. Online Dating Guide to Courting in the Victorian Era, An
  53. Orlando Project, The - a collaborative enterprise combining interdisciplinary research and humanities computing to produce the first full scholarly history of women's writing in the British Isles.
  54. Page of Fantastic, Mysterious, and Adventurous Victoriana, A - a descriptive guide to 300 characters from Victorian dime novels, penny dreadfuls, mysteries, and other fictions.
  55. Penny Magazine Online - The Magazine, published every Saturday, was aimed at the working class.
  56. Peterloo Massacre, The - A detailed analysis of the events at St. Peter's Field, Manchester on the 16th August, 1819.
  57. Poor Law Unions/Registration Districts
  58. Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, The
  59. Queen Victoria, An
  60. Regency Fashion Page, The - a number of color, grey-scale, and line art images.
  61. Regency Page, The (Catherine Decker) - the Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature and the Novel.
  62. Regency Repository, A (Kristen Skold) - features information and links to the fashion, music, art, politics, literature, and military history of the era, for lovers of Regency romances.
  63. Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, The - founded in 1968 to foster interdisciplinary scholarship on the Victorian periodical press.
  64. Romantic Ghosts and Gothics: Love in Another World
  65. Romantic Literary Research Tools
  66. Romantics Unbound: A Hypertextual Learning Space (David S. Hogsette)
  67. Scrap Album (c1882)
  68. Sculpture on Bob Speel's website
  69. Sculpture in London described on Bob Speel's website
  70. Sculpture in English towns described on Bob Speel's website
  71. Sensation Novels (Gaslight)
  72. Statue d'la Reine Victoria, La
  73. Tyburn Tree: Public Executions in Early Modern England
  74. Victoria and Albert Museum, The
  75. Victorian and Edwardian Photographs: A vast collection of 19th Century photographs, and a Victorian and Edwardian picture library and pages on a Victorian Naturalist friend of Darwin and much more!
  76. Victorian Research Web
  77. Victorian Animated Gifs
  78. Victorian Art For Mother - antique images from the Stock Solution's private Victorian Era collection
  79. Victorian Art in Britain - A personal guide to Pre Raphaelite and other Victorian Art in the galleries of Britain.
  80. Victorian Census Project (David Alan Gatley, Staffordshire University)
  81. Victorian Christmas - Featuring a collection of articles about Victorian Christmas Decorating, Entertaining, Gifts, Crafts, etc.
  82. Victorian Concordance
  83. Victorian Dictionary, The - A guide to the social history of Victorian London.
  84. Victorian Etiquette
  85. Victorian Events Calendar - A listing of events, lectures, entertainments and exhibits of special interest to lovers of the 19th century.
  86. Victorian Games (Northwood Primary School)
  87. Victorian Hyper-Concordance
  88. Victorians Institute, The - an organization of scholars and students centered in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the USA.
  89. Victorian Library (Michael Wolff)
  90. The Victorian Literary Studies Archive (Mitsu Matsuoka, Nagoya University)
  91. Victorian Literary Trivia - 640 questions and quotations of literary trivia based on the writings and the lives of sixteen 19th century writers from Jane Austen to Oscar Wilde.
  92. Victorian Literature and Culture (New York University)
  93. Victorian London A-Z Street Index
  94. Victorian Medicine
  95. Victorian Miscellany (Vickie R. Rumble)
  96. Victorian Money (Paul Lewis)
  97. Victorian Poetry (West Virginia University) - journal.
  98. Victorian Preservation Association
  99. Victorian Society, The - founded in 1958 as a national pressure group fighting to protect Victorian and Edwardian buildings in England and Wales.
  100. Victorian Society in America, The - Founded in 1966 by such legends of historic preservation as Brendan Gill, Henry Russell Hitchcock, and Margot Gayle.
  101. Victorian Station - a wealth of information with regard to the Victorian era including features such as architecture, Victorian home decorating ideas, life styles, arts and literature and royalty.
  102. Victorian Steam Railway - runs down the East side of the Isle of Man from Douglas to Port Erin, and passes through Ballasalla, Castletown and Port St Mary.
  103. Victorian Studies (Indiana University Press) - Devoted to the study of English culture of the Victorian period.
  104. Victorian Studies on the Web - An indispensable source of information on every important publication from 1945 to 1999 on every field of Victorian Studies.
  105. Victorian Tiles (Michael Swann) - A graphic display of tiles from the Victorian and Edwardian era.
  106. Victorian Web, The (George P. Landow, Brown University) - the WWW translation of Brown University's Context 61, which serves as a resource for courses in Victorian literature.
  107. Victorian Website of Tracy Yoos, The
  108. Victorian Woman's World (Zsuzsa Sztaray)
  109. Victorian Women Writers Project (Perry Willett, Indiana U.)
  110. Victorian Women Writers' Letters Project, The (Katharine Bassett Patterson, University of British Columbia)
  111. Victoriana - Resources for Victorian Living.
  112. VICTORIANA LIBRARY 19th C. Web Sites, THE - contains links to non-commercial 19th Century Web Sites.
  113. Victorian-L mailing list, The (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
  114. Victoria's Past (Lady Michelle)
  115. Visits With a Victorian Lady
  116. Voice of the Shuttle: Romantics (Alan Liu, University of California - Santa Barbara)
  117. Voice of the Shuttle: Victorian (Alan Liu, University of California - Santa Barbara)
  118. Women of Brighton and Hove
  119. Women's History Walk, Bloomsbury - originally planned as a summer evening meeting activity for the London Women's History Network.

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