Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell (1810-65)

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This index is in three parts. The Author Index includes the authors of articles and reviews appearing in the Journal. Authors and titles of publications referred to in those articles are included in the Subject Index. In this index, publications appear under their author(s), except in the case of anonymous works, which appear under title and Elizabeth Gaskell's own publications, which also appear under their titles. The third index is to Book Reviews appearing in the Journal. Publications reviewed are listed under their author(s). New editions of Elizabeth Gaskell's novels appear under their respective editors and translations into other languages under Gaskell. The authors of the reviews appear in the Author Index.

In all cases, location references are to volume number - in bold - followed by the year and then by inclusive page numbers. Notes are indicated by 'n' or 'nn' after the page number. Page numbers in italics refer to illustrations.

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