Victorian Ghost Stories

1 Edith Nesbit "John Charrington's Wedding" (1891)
2 Charles Dickens "To Be Taken with a Grain of Salt" (1865)
3 Dinah Maria Mulock (Mrs Craik) "The Last House in C---- Street" (1856)
4 Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards "No. 5 Branch Line: The Engineer" (1866)
5 Wilkie Collins "Miss Jéromette and the Clergyman" (1875)
6 Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu "An Account of Some Disturbances in Aungier Street" (1853)
7 Elizabeth Gaskell "The Old Nurse's Story" (1852)
8 Mary Elizabeth Braddon "At Chrighton Abbey" (1871)
9 William Harrison Ainsworth "The Spectre Bride"
10 Edith Nesbit "Man-Size in Marble"
11 Bram Stoker "The Judge's House"
12 George MacDonald "Uncle Cornelius His Story" (1869)
13 Robert Louis Stevenson "The Body-Snatcher"
14 Rudyard Kipling "At the End of the Passage"
15 Thomas Hardy "The Withered Arm"
16 Mrs Henry Wood "Reality or Delusion?"
17 Thomas Street Millington "No Living Voice"
18 Sir Walter Scott "The Tapestried Chamber" (1829)
19 Arthur Conan Doyle "The Captain of the 'Pole-star'"
20 William Makepeace Thackeray "The Story of Mary Ancel" (1840)
21 Grant Allen "My New Year's Eve among the Mummies" (1880)
22 Richard Harris Barham "The Spectre of Tappington" (1840)
23 Robert Stephen Hawker "The Botathen Ghost" (1867)
24 John Lang "Fisher's Ghost" (1859)
25 E. G. E. Bulwer-Lytton "The Haunted and the Haunters" (1857)
26 H. G. Wells "The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost" (1902)
27 Elizabeth Gaskell "The Crooked Branch" (1859)
28 Jerome K. Jerome "The Man of Science" (1892)

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