A sketch made by Sir John Millais after Dickens's death (June 9, 1870)

Miscellany (Alphabetical Listing)

  1. "A Little Dickens" (Los Angeles' Premier Caroling Group)
  3. America's T-Shirt Catalog--Charles Dickens
  4. Authors of Classics
  5. Bawnboy Workhouse -- Built in 1852. (Oliver Twist)
  6. Bob's Dickens Village Collection (A Page for Dickens Village Collectors)
  7. CD's Children
  8. Cedric Charles Dickens -- Great-Grandson of Charles Dickens. (Britannia Internet Magazine, LLC)
  9. Cervantes, Don Quixote
  10. Charles Dickens: A British Council exhibition (1988)
  11. Charles Dickens: A Consideration on the150th Anniversary of A Christmas Carol (Geva Alder)
  12. Charles Dickens Adulterer -- and unashamed of it!
  13. Charles Dickens and the Chickens (the punk rock band from sunny Florida)
  14. Charles Dickens Bust
  15. "Charles Dickens" Chess Set
  16. Charles Dickens Door Olivia Ettema
  17. CHARLES DICKENS, Esquire. Given the Freedom of the City of Edinburgh: 29th June, 1841.
  18. Charles Dickens gillar inte Charles Dickens (Swedish)
  19. Charles Dickens & Co.
  20. Charles Dickens Child-Parent-Center Branch-King
  21. 'Charles Dickens' muffins win annual recipe contest
  22. The Charles Dickens Murders by Edith Skom (THE MYSTERY READER reviews)
  23. Charles Dickens: Novels
  24. CHARLES DICKENS Resources by Nerd World Media¨
  25. Charles Dickens: LIFE FILE by John Kehoe
  26. Charles Dickens' Traveling Silverware (Nota Bene News from the Yale Library) --currently on display at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library (145K).
  27. CHARLES DICKENS VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS, A (Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire)
  28. Charles was the second of eight children
  29. Collection of Christmas Links
  30. Custom "Olde World" style Santa (Juelie McLean)
  31. Dickens and the Man from Tobago
  32. Dickens, Charles (author) (Dr Graham Smith's STILE Database) --linked to the topics of all references associated with the author Charles Dickens.
  33. Dickens - Descendants of Uriah Dickens and Susanna May
  34. Dickens' Dublin (Music and lyrics by Loreena McKennitt)
  35. Dickens' Exchange: Department 56, D56, Dept. 56 collectibles
  36. Dickens Farms
  37. Dickens Inn (Philadelphia, PA)
  38. Dickens Inn, Philadelphia
  39. Dickens Inn (Cochrane, AB T0L 0W0)
  40. Dickens Law, The: A Law Unto Itself
  41. Dickens Museum (Bronkhorst, Holland)
  42. Dickens Signature Ornaments for 1996
  43. Dickens T-Shirt & Sweatshirt (Genius T-Shirts)
  44. Dickens' Village
  45. Dickens Village Accessories
  46. Dickensian Christmas, A (B.T.Murphy)
  47. Dickens's Pets
  48. Ebenezer Scrooge Was Right (Rev. David E. Bumbaugh)
  49. English Money

  50. Fairy Tales, Fables, and Folktales

  51. Guest Beer Writer: Charles Dickens
  52. Illustrations from Dickens' Novels
  53. Kansas City offers 'a Dickens of a good time'
  54. "Keep yourself to yourself." -- Charles Dickens (and normally I loathe him)
  55. Legal Theory 1995
  56. LIFE FILE: Charles Dickens (John Kehoe)
  57. Life without Dickens (Diane Sussman)
  58. Lion Feuchtwanger as a Manuscripts Collector Exhibit
  59. Monica Dickens (1915- ) -- great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens.

  60. Nursery Rhymes
    1. Nursery Rhymes
    2. Nursery Rhymes Collection
    3. Mother Goose Pages
    4. Little Bo-Peep
    5. Mama Lisa's House of Nursery Rhymes
    6. Mystery & Thriller - by Author - Charles Dickens et al
    7. Zelo Nursery Rhymes

  61. Oliver Twist "Oliver! Oliver! Never before has a boy asked for more! You will rue the day somebody named you Oliver!"
  63. Other Archival Holdings--Charles Dickens (U. of Calgary)

  64. People

  65. Phil Rogers's Exam
  66. Projected Learning Programs Inc.
  67. Queens Parade a Highlight Event on Dickens schedule
  68. Readings from Dickens set at UD Nov. 1
  69. Rigger Bar, The
  70. Rosa mentioned that censorship before!: dickens Campfire
  71. Satis House B & B -- North Bay - Powassan, Ontario, Canada.
  72. SHARPNESS ON THE NECK, A (Fred Saberhagen)
  73. some webby threads to look at in relation to our Dickens readings
  74. Stolen Contents Drama Crisis
  75. Victoria Pubs and Restaurants - The Charles Dickens Pub at The Empress (Canada)
  76. WPI receives donation of valuable Dickens collection
  77. ZIA Charles Dickens Resources

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