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George Gissing: E-texts

George Gissing, May 1901 (Elliott & Fry)
From a photograph by Messrs. Elliott & Fry


I have almost completed the digitisation of all Gissing's works. I wish to serve the interests of the Gissing Society and its members by providing his works in e-text. If there are any mistakes in the e-texts (I am afraid there are a lot), please do not hesitate to let me know.

These e-texts and their HTML documents are so devised that they can afford a proof of my own drawing up. All rights reserved. No part of these e-texts may be reproduced on the Internet or on the CD-ROM without the permission of Mitsuharu Matsuoka.

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Novels, Essays, and Critical Works

  1. Workers in the Dawn
  2. The Unclassed
  3. Isabel Clarendon
  4. Demos
  5. Thyrza
  6. A Life's Morning
  7. The Nether World
  8. The Emancipated
  9. New Grub Street
  10. Denzil Quarrier
  11. Born in Exile
  12. The Odd Women
  13. In the Year of Jubilee
  14. Eve's Ransom
  15. The Paying Guest
  16. Sleeping Fires
  17. The Whirlpool
  18. Human Odds and Ends
  19. Charles Dickens: A Critical Study
  20. The Town Traveller
  21. The Crown of Life
  22. Our Friend the Charlatan
  23. By the Ionian Sea
  24. The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft
  25. Veranilda
  26. Will Warburton
  27. The House of Cobwebs
  28. The Sins of the Fathers and Other Tales
  29. The Immortal Dickens
  30. A Victim of Circumstances and Other Stories

Short Stories

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